Biking & Mountain Biking at Mandeni Merimbula nsw

We have 3 biking trails starting from the Mandeni Centre. Indicated by Purple, Blue and White arrows. Register before riding. Mountain Biking & Biking Trail map »

Skills Bike Park

3 courses to choose from, all designed for learning how to ride the obstacle you might find on any mountain bike ride. It is set out in an easier to harder progression. Great for all ages to improve their riding skills and balance. You'll find burms, log rides and crossing, bumps jumps and bridges. Both the cross country and skills park are to IMBA standard.

Price list

Trek Mountain Bike per day  $14.00
Own bikes per day $5.00
FAMILY PACKAGES (Up to 2 Adults and 3 Children)  
Full Day $55.00
1 Adult $40.00
1 Junior $20.00
Family $40 per Adult plus first two children - $15.00 per Child. More than 2 children free.  


1. Helmets are to warn at all times
2. Ride on open trails only & leave no trace
3. Keep control of your bike
4. Share trail with others

5. Respect wildlife
6. Plan ahead e.g. water, snacks, map 
Note: You ride at Mandeni at your own risk.
Mountain bike track Mandeni

Bike skills park Mandeni

Biking at Mandeni