Mandeni Archery in Merimbula

Archery is so much fun. Ghengis Kahn, the mighty warrior king is said to have hit targets from 300 metres with his bow and arrow, while mounted on a war horse at full gallop. Wow!

Everyone can experience the "Wow" factor at Mandeni Archery. The Mandeni team have created a perfect and safe environment for families to have the "Wow" Archery experience of their lives. The bows are beautiful and we have bow types to suit mum, dad and the kids.

We run several events during the year and also competition events by invitation.

Mandeni Archery is so much fun. Give it a go.
Please contact Peter, Brendan or Margaret on 0422 180 648 or 0403 706 692.


½ hour - group of 4 $20.00
1 hour - group of 4 $30.00

Paddle boats and jettyPaddle Boat Safari

This is more than just paddling up and down. It is a
Paddle Boat Safari. Mum, dad and kids can hop aboard at the paddle boat wharf and meander through the beautiful reed waterway which is a natural habitat for a wide variety of bird and fish life. Paddling is a great way to have family fun at Mandeni.

The Paddle Boat safari is also fun as a part of the birthday parties at Mandeni. Please contact Brendan, Peter and Margaret on 0403 706692 or 0422 180648.

Paddle Boats

½ hour per boat
1 hour per boat

archery competition

Paddle boat safari

Competition archery

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